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Build Confidence In Your Talent Solution

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

For the past eighteen years, managed IT firm Networks That Work has been helping companies manage their technology infrastructure and network security. A pioneer of the flat monthly fee, Networks That Work has made it their mission to provide fast and responsive communication and comprehensive expertise at a fixed monthly cost, unlike

other firms that rely on transactional break/fix models. “Our approach is proactive. We take the time to understand how our clients do business so that we can spot the gaps and head off potential problems,” says Tommy Wolosin, Director of Sales & Marketing at Networks That Work.

The firm partners with organizations with the vision and means to scale but lack the technical expertise to do so. By developing technology solutions that account for their clients’ growth and factors in best practices and fit, Networks That Work helps minimize the friction of expansion. “We lay out customized, easy to understand technology plans that explain the solutions and why those solutions make sense for that organization,” says Wolosin.

Delivering on their promise takes the entire team, and that team is expanding. “In this market, you can’t hire on gut feeling. Having the proper assistance to help in the acquisition of new hires is essential.” The firm’s family first culture and client focus have made finding the right candidates challenging. Wolosin explains, “We’d make a bad hire, who would eventually leave the company, and the churn impacts our clients’ perception of the company.”

So they turned to the expertise of Janet Meek, President and Principal of JSMAssociates for help. “We may have sat on candidates for months, but Janet brought the right people in and asked the right questions.” By first identifying the job positions required to meet their business needs, Meek developed profiles of ideal candidates to fill those roles then sourced the talent. The two placements that JSMAssociates have made are exceeding expectations. “I’m confident in the new hires. They are working out. They came right in doing what they needed to do, are trainable, and carry the attributes we were looking for. Janet is tenacious in her efforts, methodical, and intentional.”

JSMAssociates provided a roadmap for Networks That Work to follow that built confidence in their talent solution.

To learn more about JSMAssociates and how we can help your company do the same, contact us.


Tommy Wolosin is the Director of Sales & Marketing at Networks That Work

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