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JSMAssociates works alongside clients to design, implement, and manage long-term plans to reduce employee turnover and downtime, such as professional development initiatives and client-specific incentive and profit-sharing plans.


By working alongside company leaders to help identify problem areas and factors driving employee churn, we are able to help clients reduce employee turnover and improve retention, which provides a tremendous cost savings.

Disengaged employees are frustrating and expensive.

Our customized employee engagement analysis reveals insights that inform actionable strategies to keep employees engaged. Based on key learnings, we create solutions to help companies measure employee contributions and identify potential threats to productivity and performance. If necessary, our team works with the client to design and implement talent development programs based on the information gathered during our analysis.   

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Loyal employees are the key to success.

We help clients retain talented employees by working with them to design client-specific incentive and profit-sharing plans that establish trust, motivate employees, and express appreciation for a job well done.  


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