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Executive Recruiting

For one or multiple hires. 

At JSMAssociates, We Do Things Differently.

JSMAssociates isn't your typical executive search firm. We don't just pull resumes from an outdated database when you're looking to fill positions. We work closely with you to understand precisely what is needed in a candidate to achieve your company's goals and then develop a customized search strategy to find the best fit for the business. 

We only submit the top 2-3 candidates that match your candidate profile, usually within 10-15 business days.  

Our track record speaks for itself. With a current 100% success rate, we haven't found a search we can't fill.  On average, 90% of JSMAssociates placements are still on the job six months after being hired. 

At JSMAssociates, we understand that time is money and that resources are unlimited. We value your time and work to ensure you get the most out of it.  

Executive Search Services Includes:

  • Assessing current job description, ensuring it accurately captures the requirements and responsibilities of the role(s). Don’t have a job description yet? Don’t worry; we will develop one with you. 

  • Creating candidate profiles accurately capturing the skills and traits needed for specific positions. 

  • Conducting comprehensive compensation analyses to ensure market competitiveness. 

  • Conducting thorough competitor analyses to understand the talent landscape. Assisting in-depth reference checks, salary negotiations, and offer letters.

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What You Save

By providing you with only the top, qualified candidates who are interested in your position and company, we save you valuable time and money in the recruitment process.


With our vetting process, the candidates we send are more likely to fit the profile and be retained and engaged in the long term.


We do the work on the front-end so that you can focus on making the best hiring decision for your organization. 

We Put the Right People on the Bus, in the Right Seats with Affordability and Ease.

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