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We develop and implement a broad range of customized talent acquisition solutions that are specifically designed to support small businesses. 

Our unique approach ensures all candidates are vetted equally, whether they originated from the recruiter’s sourcing efforts or were referred by a current employee, and it provides a flexible platform for the on-boarding process. The result is an accurate comparison and selection of the best candidate, so that when they join your team, they are positioned for success.

Need help filling key, mission-critical roles?


We work closely with our clients to fully understand their business and their current team structure, so they can identify the mission-critical roles needed to meet business objectives. JSM then creates an executive search model that's customized to meet those needs. Our team works in tandem with clients to utilize all available avenues for candidate sourcing, selection, salary negotiations, and on-boarding.

Businesswomen Making Plans
Brainstorming with Consultant

Need a turnkey solution?


If necessary, our team will evaluate and/or design the on-boarding, vetting, and interviewing processes and will assist in other areas such as:

Job Description

Compensation Analysis

Competitor Analysis

 Candidate Analytics

Behavior Profile

Candidate Profile


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